On the qoth day of Muharram, about 1400 years ago, the grand son of prophet Mohammad was killed, his head cut of and held over a spear, they keft none of the men of his family, eccept one the was sick, they even killed his only few months old, the stole all what belonged to the ladies of his family, the grand daughter of prophet Mohammad, the killers were so called muslims.
Imam Hussien was killed because he wanted to revolt, the government was killing Innocent people, stealing, supressing, enslaving and lots more all under the name of Islam, Imam Hussien wanted people to know the real Islam, he wanted them to know that if the government is bad then it doesnot represent God.
Yester day was the anniversary, and muslims around the world celebrated it:

this videos i took my self, (it is  in lebanon, beirut)i have another video, i spent about 4 hours uploading it. then found it was too big for youtube, will try later, hopefully ill post it tommorrow

and this is the link to a post i posted on my blog: Ashoora

this picture is from lebanon, i was there, could you see me LOL

here are all the videos i found at Press TV about Ashura

Nigeria holds procession to commemorate Ashura

Londoners spread the story of Ashura

Mourners mark Ashura in Kashmir

Mourners commemorate Ashura in Yemen

Millions of pilgrims mark holding Ashura day in Karbala

Nasrallah addresses mourners during Ashura processions

Shia Muslims commemorate Ashura worldwide

Shia mourners take to Lahore streets to remember Imam Hussein sacrifice

Norwegian Muslims mark Ashura

please note that if you find pictures about people causing their bodies to bleed, know that not all of shia muslims agrees with this

13 thoughts on “Ashura

  1. Imam Hussien WAS RIGHT by wanted people to know the real Islam, he wanted them to know that if the government is bad then it does not represent God.
    That should be an very nice CHALLENGE for the COLONIALIST INVADERS of the WESTERN WORLD.
    ” IF THE GOVERNMENT IS BAD, THEN, IT NOT REPRESENTS GOD “..Hello ??…Hey you out there, hey you People, please take very good note of this words.

    Shalom. 😀

      • thank you … you are so right about this and western people won’t understand because they just don’t know … my views are dropping off because i am focused on Syria, seems not too many people really care, at least from my cat bird seat

      • no one really cares, not even russia, if russia really cares, i believe she could have stopped the chaos in syria long ago, maybe the only country that really cares is iran, every one else is after personal gains

      • i think you are right, Insomnia knows all about the oil and the geopolitics involved with wars, i am still learning. but where there is oil there is war, has nothing to do with humanity or rights of peoples. i keep thinking why doesn’t Russia have these idiots arrested, it is against international law … who is going to? no one? we are all held hostage by one flippin insane violent country who makes its own kill lists without discretion … and when i say this i am crazy american hater they say. i hate living here in US, in this ridiculous alter reality matrix they have created from the rest of world

      • You know i dont really know what karma is, is it just the rule that what goes around goes around, or is there anything else?

      • Karma is not about retribution, vengeance, punishment or reward; karma simply deals with what is. The effects of all deeds actively create past, present and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one’s own life, and the pain and joy it brings to others. In religions that incorporate reincarnation, karma extends through one’s present life and all past and future lives as well. It is cumulative.

        Karma is about the wheels or gears of time and synchronicity bringing everything into balance. There is an expression, “What goes around, comes around.” It’s about balance at the end of this consciousness hologram.

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